What We Offer


On these special days, everything has to be absolutely perfect; especially the food. Let Dos Catering delight your eyes and taste-buds with our beautifully designed small platters and appetizers. The guests of honor can simply relax and enjoy the monumental occasion, while their attendees leave with full tummies and stories of satisfaction.

Special Events & Theme Parties

Special has a different meaning to every individual; but Dos Catering is committed to making your event just that. Game nights, Cocktail parties, Ladies' night, Super Bowls, Playoffs, Holidays and many more occasions are some of our favorites!

Dinner for Two...or Three...or Four

Whether you are looking to create a romantic environment for you and your beau, or you are a small family with limited time, yet great taste in food, Dos Catering can handle it. We create great family meals, while you receive all the praise.

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